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Jocelyn Yankey Scholarship

Jocelyn Yankey (1978-2014) will be remembered not only for her kind spirit and her bubbly personality, but the profound impact that she has left on Mu Delta, and the campus of The George Washington University. 

Jocelyn Yankey began her journey in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, on April 9, 1997, in the Mu Delta Chapter.  She chose Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority  because she admired the community service that Mu Delta provided for the campus and the greater D.C. community. Jocelyn was initiated during her freshman year and was referred to as the “baby of her line.” Her line sisters affectionately know her as “Play Skool” for her infectious smile, playful spirit,  bubbly personality, positivity, and her love for children.


One former chapter member said, “We remember her for her spirit. Rather than being disappointed in something, she would still smile, we can have a disagreement, and she would smile and say you have no choice but to move on,” says Anjelious Farmer, Mu Delta Spring ’92. Jocelyn, also known as “Jocy” to her beloved sisters,  was compassionate and empathetic and a great listener. Jocelyn Yankey was someone that cared about everyone and always had words of encouragement. She was the glue that kept Mu Delta together. She always made each moment about bettering others and making sure they were okay. 

In memory of our beloved Mu Delta Alumna Jocelyn Yankey, the Ladies of Mu Delta will be fundraising for an academic scholarship for a young woman in the GW community who exemplifies the passion for academic success and concern for her community as our beloved Jocelyn Yankey. You can donate to the scholarship fund year round via PayPal to

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